Wholesale Satin Fabric

Our wholesale satin fabrics are 100% polyester and 60" wide. They are perfect for dresses, blouses, gowns, skirts, and other garments. High-quality satin fabrics can be used to create soft drapes, which make them great for home/event decor projects such as curtains, chair covers, backdrops, swagging and more. 

Silky Habutai Lining is available in 45" and 60" wide. It is a high-quality light-weight lining fabric which is available in white. Primarily used for lining on higher end garments and also popularly used for dye sublimation printing. 

Silky China Silk Lining is a lightweight lining fabric with a notably comfortable touch. It is the lightest fabric in this collection and is great for lining dresses, bags, gowns, and other crafts projects. This fabric can also be used for event decorations such as table runners, chair sashes and more. 

Charmeuse Satin has a shiny side with a matte finish on the back. It is lighter than the crepe back satin, but still has a strong flowy body. It is heavier in weight and quality when compared to our silky habutai fabric. Use to make soft and comfortable garments, sashes, scarves, pillowcases and more!

Crepe Back Satin has a smooth and shiny satin front with a matte crepe finish in the back. Compared to the charmeuse fabric, the crepe back has a higher thread count, density and weight. The crepe back is approximately the same weight as the bridal satin which makes it an ideal alternative if you want to avoid the bridal satin's slightly stiffer finish.

Bridal Satin has an extraordinary shine with a silky satin touch. Colors in the bridal satin are exceptionally vibrant compared to most satins. This fabric is known for its unique sturdy body and crisp drape. used for glamorous gowns, bridal wear, bridesmaid dress, cocktail dresses, blouses and many more forms of apparel.

Matte Satin (Peau de Soie) a smooth satin feel with a stiff finish, which helps the fabric maintain a luxurious body. However, although the matte satin or peau de soie may feel like a satin, this fabric is far less shiny and has a unique matte appearance. It's got all the great qualities of a satin minus the sheen. 

Stretch Charmeuse Satin has a wonderful shine, smooth and silky feel, and a light 2-way vertical stretch. It has a superb natural flow that drapes beautifully, and gives this fabric an elegant and high-end look. It features a subtle but wonderful shine on one side of the fabric, and a matte look on the back. This fabric is great for many applications including drapery and event decor, apparel and fashion creations, blouses, lingerie and much more.