Fabric Scrap Box

Fabric Scrap Box

Content: Random; Cotton, Polyester, Silk, Linen, Rayon
Width: 45"-62" (approximately)
Final Sale; No Returns Or Exchanges


Do you have a cool quilt idea, need to make a repair, want to strengthen your sewing skills? We present to you the Fabric Wholesale Direct scrap box. Sold by weight, each scrap box contains different 1-3 yard (approximate length) fabrics found on our catalog, with an added 60% savings.

Scrap box fabrics are sourced from the ends of bolts, returns, clearance items, and factory seconds. Please note that some fabrics may have slight damages such as a pulled thread, or an off-color print. All sales are final, and the fabrics are random.

Please note, we cannot take any requests for what items will be included in the box. It is a random assortment based on our stock at that time. 

How To Use

The only limit to what you can do with fabric scraps is up to your imagination. Some great craft ideas include quilts, fabric repairs, sleep masks, headbands, and phone cases.

Click here, for a DIY pot holder and lunch bag sewing tutorial on our blog!

Notable Features

  • Luxurious fabrics sold at an average discount of 60%.
  • Try different materials and colors.

Care Instructions

Click here, for the ultimate guide to fabric care 101.

Frequently Asked Questions for Fabric Scrap Box

What to make with fabric scraps?

Fabric scrap boxes contain widths of fabric ranging from 1-3 yards. The only limit to what you can make with fabric scraps is your imagination. Some under 1 yard sewing project examples include: sleep masks, headbands, coin purses, bow ties, phone cases, face masks, and so much more.

How to cut fabric scraps?

Fabric scraps are random, and each fabric is different. Sharpened regular scissors can be used to cut fabric scraps, but investing in fabric or pinking shears can increase accuracy, prevent dragging, and keep ends from fraying.

How to sew fabric scraps together?

Fabric scraps are random, and each fabric is different. Depending on the material used, and what the project entails, it may be best to adapt how you sew fabric scraps together. Check out our wonderful guide on the types of basic sewing stitches for beginners for more information.

How to store fabric scraps?

Fabric scraps can be folded, but to avoid wrinkles it is best to store them on a hanger. If you want to be extra cautious, you can also use a garment bag to keep moisture and pests off of your fabric scraps.

How do you reuse fabric scraps without sewing?

Fabric scraps can be used without sewing. One popular way is to use fabric glue to affix fabric pieces together. Some project ideas include: coasters, bandanas, cleaning rags, pet toys, and so much more. Feel free to check out our blog post for a sew-less Christmas door décor project.

Fabric Scrap Box