DIY "The Perfect Wrap Dress" Tutorial

DIY "The Perfect Wrap Dress" Tutorial

A DIY "The Perfect Wrap Dress" Sewing Tutorial Using Rayon Challis Fabric

Hello! I am extremely excited to be sharing this tutorial with you! I hope you all enjoy my presentation as much as I have and be inspired enough to create a fit as beautiful as yourself.

Wrap dresses are some of the most universal dresses. They are easy to create, perfect for work, date nights, parties or just casual looks. You can easily achieve this look by using any dress silhouette from your closet as a pattern. I choose Rayon Challis as my go to fabric, because it's lightweight, breathable, feels amazing on the skin, and it drapes very well.



3 Hours




  1. Using any dress silhouette of your choice, place your dress on a newspaper, cut and trace front and back of dress creating a pattern. Next, determine how long you want your dress pattern to be and extend your pattern to that amount. Check to make sure your pattern have enough ease for Hem. My measurement length with finished hem was 46”.

  2. The front part of your dress requires two pattern pieces. It gets a little tricky, but still very easy to create. For the front right part of the pattern, using the neckline as a guideline you’re going to fold half of the left side in diagonally towards the waistline. Trace and cut into your fabric adding 1-inch seam allowance all around. You’re going to do the same for the front left pattern piece, only this time measure 3 inches away from the waistline as shown in picture!
    Trace and cut back piece of pattern as well!

  3. Measure 25” by 25” square foot on a set of newspapers. Draw a straight line going horizontal, and vertical. From the center point you’re going to start drawing a spiral 4 inches wide.
    Measure and cut 4 by 60 piece of fabric for your belt.

  4. Time to sew!! If you have a serger, you want to go ahead and sew all edges of fabric to prevent the raw edge from fraying. (if you don’t have a serger, that’s fine as well, you can always zig zag your raw edges with the same color thread fabric). Sew ruffles to the left part of fabric and topstitch to stay in place and then sew both front pieces and back together. Hem your new fit including neckline, and armhole (you can also bias bind the neckline and armhole for a more professional look).

  5. Sew belt and attach belt to dress.
    Voila, you’re done! Now you have your very own perfect wrap dress! This dress is one of my favorite dresses. It’s so easy to wear very versatile and can be transformed and worn as a skirt or even as a cardigan. Ladies you might want to save the pattern for this dress because Fabric Wholesale Direct comes with a variety of printed rayon challis for a fun outing look as well as plain colors.


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