A DIY Rayon Jumpsuit Sewing Tutorial

This is a tutorial for a woman's summer jumpsuit with an open back. It consists of high waist, wide-legged pants sewn to a sleeveless top. You can adapt two different patterns together but I highly recommend an all-in-one pattern, such as the 1930s Beach Pajamas pattern made by Decades of Fashion, so you know all the pieces fit together.

This pattern uses 4 yards of fabric (double that if you are using a thin fabric like rayon challis and need 2 layers). For the fabric shown in the tutorial the darker side of the print is the "right side" and the lighter side is the "wrong side."



1) Cut out all the pattern pieces:  2 leg front, 2 leg back, 1 bodice front, 2 bodice back (Optional: 2 pockets)
2) Sew darts into the bodice front and the waists of each leg.

3) Sew bodice back sides to bodice front, with right sides together. Sew the shoulder seams together. Leave the back open.

4) Sew one leg front to one leg back at each side, making a full pants 
leg. (Leave the crotch open for now). Repeat for each leg. (If you are adding patch pockets it is easier to sew the pocket to the leg front before assembling).
5) Flip one leg wrong side out (leg 1). The other leg should still be right side out (leg 2).  Put leg 2 inside leg 1, matching up the crotch seams

6) Use a pin to mark halfway down the back crotch seam where the zipper will stop. (See the red arrow in the photo above).
7) Sew the rest of the crotch seam shut all the way to the front waist of the pants. You will now have an opening in the back for a zipper.

8) Sew the bottom of the bodice to the top of the pants. (Gather the front of the bodice to fit the waist of the pants). The red arrows in the photo below point to the waist seam.

9) Add a zipper to the back opening of the pants. Add one piece of elastic across, or one ribbon tie at each shoulder blade, to keep the back of the jumpsuit from falling open.

10) Finish the edges of the neck and armholes with bias tape binding, either homemade or purchased. You can add embellishments like a bow or belt if you wish.


This project/post was made by fashionista and dear friend Vivien Lee. Check her out at freshfrippery.com!

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