Slub Twill Denim (8 oz) Fabric

Slub Twill Denim (8 oz) Fabric

Content: 71% cotton, 27% polyester, 2% spandex
Width: 50/52" wide
Weight: 8 oz

The slub twill denim is a heavy weight, 71% cotton, 27% polyester and 2% spandex fabric that is 50/52” wide. It is a 3x1 twill weave, allowing for superior strength and hold. Alongside its lasting durability and stiffness, it is a flexible fabric that is soft to touch. Compared to the common denim fabric which is made from dyed warp and weft thread on a constant speed, the slub twill denim is made with these threads in a slower speed from the looms. This adds a bit more of the minor unevenness, giving more texture to the fabric known as slubs.

The slub twill denim can be used for a variety of apparel and fashion such as pants, jeans, jackets, totes, overalls and more. In addition, with its strong tear resistance, it is a great use for upholstery and home improvement needs such as slip covers, chair pads, and cushions. With such a unique and easy to care fabric, the possibilities are endless!

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Slub Twill Denim (8 oz)