Metallic Foil Striped Brocade (56") fabric

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Metallic Foil Striped Brocade (56") fabric

Content:100% Polyester
Width: 56" wide
Weight: 2.4ozper yard (approx.) / 63 gsm
Minimum Order:1 yard

This metallic foil striped brocade fabric has a 56" width and is 100% polyester. This fabric has a stunning sheen look and a slightly stiff flow. It is smooth to the touch, but features a coarse look and texture. This fabric consist of a lustrous gold horizontal striped pattern with elegant colors that compliment the sheen of this piece. In addition, this fabric has adiagonal stretch,it is quite thin and can be crushed or crumbled in any way, to change its style.

This medium-weight metallic fabric is an alluring piece perfect forparty decorations such as table skirts and chair bows, bridal and formal fashions, and can also be used for wedding events. Our metallic foil fabric is ready to stand out at any event with it's lustrous pattern.

Metallic Foil Striped Brocade (56")