Iridescent Silk Taffeta (60") Fabric

Iridescent Silk Taffeta (60") Fabric

Content:100% Silk
Width: 58/60" wide
Weight: 3.3oz per yard (approx.)
Thickness: 0.15 mm
Minimum Order:1 yard

Iridescent silk taffeta fabric is 100% silk and 58/60" wide. Silk taffeta is a lustrous everlasting fabric that is tightly woven with fine crosswise ribs made of silk fibers. This process allows the taffeta to have a matte look, yet a beautiful sheen under light.In addition, this silk taffeta is composed of two different colors, showcasing a beautiful iridescent color effect.

Iridescent silk taffeta is a strong, medium-weight fabric with an elegant drape. This fabric features a smooth surface that has no slubs on it and is crisp to the touch.This fabric also holds its shape very well and is perfect for creating spectacular garments that take advantage of the silk's sheen and crispness. Silk taffeta's luxurious look works wonderfully with costumes,dresses, suits and much more.

Iridescent silk taffeta is available in a wide variety of colors and available in large quantities, so we can meet your supply needs no matter how big or small the project.

Iridescent Silk Taffeta (60")