Iridescent Silk Shantung (45") Fabric

Iridescent Silk Shantung (45") Fabric

Content:100% Silk
Width: 44/45" wide
Weight: 3.5oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order:1 yard

Iridescent silk shantung is a beautiful, high quality fabric that measures 44/45" wide, weighs 4oz per linear yard and is made from 100% silk. This fabric is woven from the threads of double cocoons originating in the far east.This iridescent fabric is constructed by weaving threads of two different colors together. The iridescent quality creates a lustrous color effect when the fabric is moved around in light.

Iridescent silk shantung fabric has a luxurious feel and comfortable touch. It also features a slight stiffness which helps to add structure to the fabric which allows for a great deal of versatility and comfort. This fabric is similar to silk dupioni in its texture, but differs in design. Silk shantung is machine-woven instead of hand-woven and the slubs are less textural, however it does have visible striation.

This luxurious fabric makes it versatile for many high-end fashion uses, such as elegant venue decorations, wedding gowns, ball gowns, suits, and evening wear attire, as well as for home decorating uses, such as draperies and curtains. Now available in wide variety of colors and in large quantities!

Iridescent Silk Shantung (45")