Crinoline (60")

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Crinoline (60")

Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 60” wide
Weight: 1.6oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard

Crinoline fabric is 100% polyester and 60” wide. It is a rough and grainy net fabric with 1cm diamond cut holes all throughout. The fibers are also chemically treated to add additional stiffness, making it very sturdy and durable. Crinoline also contains finished edges, ensuring no fraying on the fabric.

Crinoline is a multi-purpose fabric that is used for costumes, evening wear, bridal veils, and more. The fabric's unique stiffness provides support and body for garments and crafts projects. As opposed to its counterpart tulle, crinoline comes in handy when you need extra weight for heavier projects. 

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Crinoline (60")

Crinoline (60")