Ottertex® Clear Vinyl - 20 Gauge

Ottertex® Clear Vinyl - 20 Gauge

Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 54" wide
Weight: 1.4lbs per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard
UV Sun Resistant: 500+ Hours
Special Properties: Waterproof, Temperature Resistant, Transparent

Ottertex® clear vinyl fabric is a durable waterproof textile that is both flexible and able to withstand heavy use. The fabric's unique combination of transparency and durability makes it especially popular in the construction of indoor/outdoor protective plastic liners for marine, industrial and crafts applications. The fabric is also both temperature and UV resistant and can easily be maintained by wiping the textile with a damp cloth and mild soap. The width of the fabric is 54" wide and is composed of 100% vinyl.

Ottertex® clear vinyl is available in a variety of different gauges which refers to the thickness of the textile. The higher gauge vinyls are thicker and can provide enhanced protection for particular purposes. We've assembled a list of the recommended uses for each gauge below:

4 Gauge - tablecloths, book covers, dust covers, light-weight jackets, small crafts projects

16 Gauge - boat windows, car windows, outdoor covers, bags, totes, curtains, pouches

20 Gauge - boat windows, car windows, house windows, outdoor covers, luggage, backpacks, canopies, tarps, tents, curtains

Please note the above uses are only recommendations and gauge requirements may ultimately vary depending on the specific needs of different projects. Thousands of yards in stock to satisfy orders of any size. 

*All orders 10 yards and over will be shipped on a roll. All orders under 10 yards will be shipped folded. To get creases out, please put on a flat surface for a few hours behind a window in the sun. Do not force creases out as this could crack the vinyl. This fabric is sold by the yard and cut to order.

For care and cleaning instructions, please click here.

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Ottertex® Clear Vinyl - 20 Gauge

Ottertex® Clear Vinyl - 20 Gauge