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Vinyl Fabrics

Vinyl fabrics are great for all types of upholstery, decor, crafts and garments. Our staple Vinyl Upholstery fabric is widely used for car seats, boat covers, chair re-upholstering, garment production and more. In addition to its faux-leather look, the vinyl also is an extremely sturdy and durable fabric. The fabric's thickness measures 1mm, giving it the added strength necessary to last constant wear. 

Clear Vinyl fabric is available in a variety of different gauges, or thicknesses. The 4 Gauge Clear Vinyl is thin and filmy making it great for lining books, small garment accessories and crafts. The 16 Gauge Clear Vinyl fabric is much sturdier and thicker than the 4 gauge and provides the strength necessary for larger projects such as boat or car window covers. The 20 Gauge Clear Vinyl provides an even thicker alternative for those looking to really maximize the strength and durability of the clear vinyl. Check out our customer reviews on these products to see how previous customers have used this fabric in their projects.