Fabric Dictionary: What Is Poplin Fabric?

Fabric Dictionary: What Is Poplin Fabric?

Poplin is a durable & smooth-textured fabric that is light in weight, & used for a variety of applications. Read this blog to learn more about Poplin fabric!
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Poplin is a plain-woven fabric that is smooth, durable, and usually light to medium in weight. Originally made from a blend of wool and silk, poplin fabric today can be sourced from a variety of fibers, such as cotton, polyester, or spandex.

With so many different types of poplin, the applications of this fabric are endless. Join us and read along as we discuss everything about poplin fabric.

What Kind Of Fabric Is Poplin?

Poplin fabric can be described as smooth, durable, and lighter in weight when compared to other fabrics. Many of the characteristics that poplin is known for come from the plain weave style used to manufacture the fabric.

Originating from 1500’s medieval France, Poplin fabric is made by tightly weaving horizontal weft yarns over and under vertical yarns. This tight, plain weave can make Poplin more durable and wrinkle-resistant than other fabrics since the tight weave allows the fabric to snap back in place.

Additionally, the yarns used in poplin production are exceptionally fine, lending a thin, lightweight quality to the fabric.

What Is Poplin Fabric Made Of?

Historically made from a blend of wool and silk, Poplin fabric can be sourced or blended from any type of fiber. Poplin fabrics will have unique characteristics depending on the fiber that is used to construct it.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular fibers used for making poplin, and the added qualities they give to the fabric.


  • What Is Poplin Cotton Fabric?

    Cotton Poplin fabric is a type of poplin that is soft, breathable, and easy to dye because it is made from cotton fibers.

    Poplin made from cotton differs from other poplin fabrics in that it is made or blended from cotton fibers. Cotton fibers are fibrous, soft, spongey and hairy. This means that cotton fabrics, like Cotton Poplin, feel comfortable and cool to the touch, and allow hot air to escape from underneath.

    Furthermore, the fibrous nature of cotton, allows Cotton Poplin fabric to be absorbent, wick moisture, and it can dyed bright, long lasting colors.

  • What Is Polyester Poplin Fabric?

    Polyester poplin is a poplin fabric that has been constructed from polyester fiber. This type of Poplin fabric is a more durable and affordable type of poplin that is known for its wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying properties.

    These fabrics are sourced from synthetic, solid strands of polyester fiber, which themselves are derived from, widely available and inexpensive, by-products of petroleum. Similar in composition to plastic, Polyester Poplin fabrics are insulating, quick-drying, and can withstand everyday wear and tear, since the ingredients used to make them are solid and non-fibrous.

    Furthermore, Polyester Poplin fabric can resist wrinkles and snap back into its original shape more easily than other types of Poplin.

What Are The Different Types Of Poplin Fabric?

There are two main types of poplin fabric: Stretch Poplin and Shirting Poplin.

Stretch poplin is a variation of the traditional poplin fabric that has been blended with spandex or another type of stretchy fiber to give it a more flexible, comfortable fit.

Shirting Poplin fabric, on the other hand, is a traditional poplin that is most commonly used for shirts, blouses, and other types of tops.

Both types of poplin offer a range of benefits, including durability, ease of care, and a professional appearance.


  • What Is Shirting Poplin Fabric?

    Shirting Poplin fabric is an elegant, comfortable, and durable type of Poplin that is used to create shirting apparel.

    Unlike other types, Shirting Poplin fabric can be made from any fiber; what makes this fabric different from other types of Poplin, is that Shirting Poplin fabric is recommended to be used for shirting. This type of Poplin fabric must withstand everyday wear and tear and be comfortable to the touch since it is primarily used to make all kinds of shirts, blouses, and other similarly styled garments.

    Additionally, another quality to look for in Shirting Poplin fabric is the ability to be easily cleaned. No one likes a shirt that will stain. For making shirts, Shirting Poplin fabric is the ideal textile choice.

  • What is Stretch Poplin Fabric?

    Sourced usually from spandex fibers, a by-product of petroleum production, Stretch Poplin is similar in composition to some plastics.

    Furthermore, unlike other Poplins, Stretch Poplin fabric has the ability to stretch up to five times its original size without ruining the fabric. This increases the pressure comfort of a garment, and enhances the shape of what’s underneath.

What Is Poplin Fabric Used For?

Poplin is an even-textured fabric that can withstand everyday wear and tear. It’s no wonder that Poplin fabric can be used in a variety of applications such as apparel, accessories, and decors.

Let’s discuss some of the uses for poplin fabric.

      • Apparel

        Comfortable and durable, poplin fabric is commonly used to make fashionable apparel. Most poplins are smooth, durable, and light to medium in weight. These qualities make poplin ideal to use for garments like shirts, dresses, and skirts.

        Additionally, the lightweight quality of poplin fabric allows it to be sewn into the linings of jackets, coats, and dresses, to give them more stability.

        Furthermore, this elegant and versatile fabric can be used to sew both formal and casual attire .

      • Accessories

        Affordable and smooth to the touch, create colorful accessories with poplin fabric. Sew colorful and light to medium weight scarves, headbands, and bow ties with poplin fabric.

        Additionally, some poplins like those made from polyester are easy to clean and ideal for use as aprons, tote bags, and handkerchiefs.

      • Décor

        Poplin is known for being colorful and durable, making this fabric great for use as indoor or outdoor decors. Depending on how it’s made, some poplin fabric may be waterproof and can hold dye well.

        These brightly colored, outdoor poplins can be used to craft tents, cushions, awnings, and hammocks.

        On the other hand, all poplin fabric can be used indoors. Create stylish indoor poplin decorations like curtains, bed sheets, and tablecloths.

      • Arts & Crafts

        Be creative and use poplin fabric to craft your own art projects. This fabric is fun to work with, easy to sew, and it usually can be found at inexpensive prices. Try things like making fabric flowers, banners, flags, and even doll clothes with poplin fabric!


In conclusion, poplin fabric is a comfortable and durable, light to medium weight fabric that can be used for a wide range of applications. Poplin is woven in a tight, plain style weave, and can be sourced or blended from any fiber, which may impart different properties to the fabric.

This fabric is versatile and can be used for a variety of formal and casual applications, both indoor and outdoor.

Whether you are looking for a comfortable and breathable fabric for your clothing, or a durable and wrinkle-resistant material for your home decor, poplin fabric is a great choice

Shop Poplin fabric by the yard, at wholesale prices, for your next sewing project.

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This is very informative and I will be trying out poplin real soon. Keep me updated on other fabric also.

This is very informative and I will be trying out poplin real soon. Keep me updated on other fabric also.

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