DIY Wicked Witch Costume Cosplay Tutorial

Get deliciously wicked this Halloween with your own witch costume! In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to transform into your own beautiful nightmare so you can cast spells on everyone who lays their eyes on you!




8 Hours



  1. Cut out the sewing pattern following your measurements for the Bolero, Dress, & Cape. Interface your pieces during this step.

    STEP 1

  2. Starting with the bolero combine outside fabric and contrast fabric with right sides together. Stitch and turn pieces right side out, press to flatten with an iron on a low setting. Following the pattern sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulder and side seams.

    step 2

    step 2.2
  3. Next, sew the collar onto the back of the Bolero sewing only the interfaced piece.

    step 3
  4. Next pin the top of the collar closed and slip stitch the opening shut.

    step 4
  5. Moving on to sleeves cut out strips of the contrast fabric and pin it to the top and bottom of the sleeve puff. Sew 2 channels of stitching across the top and bottom to gather.

    step 5

    step 5.2
  6. Pin your sleeve puffs right sides together and sew.

    step 6
  7. Take your sleeve casing and pin right sides together and sew to form the bottom sleeve.

    step 7
  8. Pin the sleeve puffs to the sleeve casing right sides together and stitch.

    step 8
  9. Next, sew the sleeves into the Bolero right sides together.

  10. Take your bodice lining and interfaced bodice pieces and sew them following the pattern.

    step 10

    step 10.2
  11. Sew polyester boning into the bodice lining according to the pattern placement.

    step 11
  12. Attach the bodice lining and bodice right sides together and sew. Turn the piece inside out and press to flatten.

    step 12

    step 12.2
  13. To make the skirt you will take the back skirt piece and sew it closed leaving an 8 inch opening for the zipper installation.

    step 13
  14. Next, lay the skirt front onto the skirt back and sew the pieces together at the sides.

  15. To form the peplums you will take the 4 peplum pieces and sew them together at the sides.

    step 15

    step 15.2
  16. With right sides up pin and sew peplum pieces to the skirt and stitch.

    step 16
  17. With right sides together pin the bodice to the skirt matching the seams and stitch.

    step 17
  18. Pin zipper into the dress starting from the opening of the skirt and working your way up to the bodice. Sew the zipper using a standard zipper foot.

    step 18
  19. Using a buttonhole foot and a quarter coin create 3 buttonholes in the back of the bodice to create your lacing channel.

    step 19
  20. Sew the center seam for the outer cape fabric

    step 20
  21. Pin contrast ribbon to the top of the outer cape fabric

    step 21
  22. Pin outer & contrast fabric right sides together leaving a 5 inch opening at the neck of the cape and stitch. Turn right side out and press the cape to flatten.

    step 22

    step 22.2
  23. Using your buttonhole foot sew 2 buttonholes onto the cape ribbons and attach buttons to the side shoulders of the bolero to hold the cape in place.

    step 23
    Now you're ready to ride and terrorize the neighborhood children!


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