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DIY Mesh Crop Top

by Fabric Wholesale Direct January 19, 2017

Mesh is such a versatile fabric that can be incorporated into all sorts of projects. In today’s project, I used mesh in order to make a trendy crop top that can be layered under tanks and dresses! This top will take about an hour to complete with a beginning/intermediate difficulty.

Lets get started!

You will need:

  1. A yard of power mesh fabric
  2. Stretch or ballpoint needle for your machine
  3. Basic sewing supplies such as scissors, thread, pins, and a marking pen
  4. Paper to make patterns with. For a cheaper route, packing paper from a local dollar store works just as well for quick projects.

Take an existing tank top and place it on your pattern paper. Trace around it to make a pattern and alter it to your liking while adding a halter neckline. Add about 1⁄2 to 1 inch seam allowance when making the pattern. You can view a tutorial here on how to make this pattern.

Place the patterns you’ve made on the mesh fabric and cut two pieces of the main body piece and two sleeves. As you can see, the sleeves should line up with the top perfectly.

Match each side of the top and sew across to create a seam that connects the sleeves to the top.


After you’ve connected the sleeves to the top, lay it on a flat surface and sew along the sides to close it off. Your top should be sewn altogether at this point.

You can cut off any excess fabric from the seam.

Give about a 1/2 - 1 inch hem at the bottom and sleeves of the top for a cleaner look.

Try on your top. If the neckline is too high, mark and cut off any excess.

Here is the final product layered under a tank. This can also be perfect as a cute beach cover up! I hope you make your own crop top as well! 






Fabric Wholesale Direct
Fabric Wholesale Direct


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