An Easy DIY Cowl/Fringe Poncho Tutorial



2 Yards ITY Jersey. This fabric drapes well and makes a great fringe hem which is perfect for this DIY project.  I went with wine for a nice fall color.  
You will have 2 separate pattern pieces. My main poncho piece measured 36in. width x 46in. length (23in. when folded in half for front and back). 
My cowl collar measured 15in. length x 30in in width.
Begin by folding the main piece in half. You will want the selvage edge at the bottom or the the grain line going vertical for the fringe. 
Find the middle for the collar and use a plate to mark with tailors chalk.
Then cut just the front part. You will cut a straight line across for the back.
*Cowl tip: use one of the salvage edges so you don't have to finish that edge.*
Now for the collar:
Mark the middle of the front and back on the poncho neckline.
-Find the middle of the cowl piece by folding in half and marking with with chalk or pin. 
-Attach the middle of the cowl piece to the middle of the front neckline. You will attach the right side of the cowl to the wrong side of the collar as shown in the photo sequence.
 -Sew 1/4in. seam starting front middle to back middle and repeating on the other side. 
Once finished sew the cowl back up right sides together. Trim if necessary any excess fabric. 
It should appear like this when folded over. 
Now for the fringe part. Mark 4 inches up from the hem and mark using tailors chalk and a ruler all the way across front and back. Cut even strips about a 1/2 inch in width along the front and back edge. Pull to create strings and then knot 2 of them together at a time.
Last, flip the poncho right sides together and sew up leaving a wide enough opening for your arm. You can finish the armhole hem as well. 
This blog post was made by fashionista and dear friend Laura Pifer. Check her out at to see all the other amazing work she has done.
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