5/8” Flat Braided Elastic

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Rubber, Polyester
0.63 inches
1.05 mm
60% Horizontal
Machine Wash, Warm; Tumble Dry, High
Sold By The Yard


5/8” Flat Braided Elastic is a decorative, medium-sized notion that can be applied to fabrics to make them stretch and fit perfectly. Sourced from a blend of polyester and rubber, 5/8” Flat Braided Elastic is woven to have a subtle texture and display a stylish braided pattern. This elastic can be stretched approximately 60% from its original size, repeatedly without losing its elasticity. However, unlike non-roll elastic, this one does get narrower when stretched. Measuring 0.625 inches wide, 5/8” Flat Braided Elastic is 1.05 millimeters thick, weighs 0.32 ounces per linear yard, and comes in two bold colors, black and white. Furthermore, this 5/8” Flat Braided Elastic is also shrink-resistant, easy to clean, and is sold by the yard.

Your next sewing project can use 5/8” Flat Braided Elastic! Use 5/8” Flat Braided Elastic to make expandable straps for garments like blouses and lingerie. Additionally, encase this elastic in fabric to make expandable waistbands, necklines, sleeves, pant legs, and cuffs. Lastly, 5/8” Flat Braided Elastic can be used to secure accessories like face masks and hang tags.

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Care Instructions

This elastic is shrink-resistant and can be machine washed and tumble-dried at warm temperatures.

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