Dritz® See-Thru Quilting & Sewing Ruler

Sale price$10.49/ ruler


1.20 mm
18" Length
1/16" Increments


Dritz® See-Thru Quilting & Sewing Ruler is a flexible, lightweight, and transparent ruler that can be used for accurately positioning and marking crafts or projects. This 1.2-millimeter thick, clear plastic ruler measures approximately 2 inches wide by 18 inches long and displays blue markings every 1/16 of an inch along its entire length. Additionally, in the middle of each Dritz® See-Thru Quilting & Sewing Ruler, there is a 1/8-inch grid to help measure obscure shapes. Furthermore, these rulers feature center holes every 1/2 inch along the length of the ruler for easy centering or drawing circles.

Use Dritz® See-Thru Quilting & Sewing Rulers to complete sewing, quilting, and other DIY craft projects. Drawing perfectly straight lines, evenly spacing buttons or pleats, enlarging patterns, and drawing circles are all tasks that can be easily accomplished with a Dritz® See-Thru Quilting & Sewing Ruler. Furthermore, the flexibility of this ruler allows curves and other fluid shapes to be measured. Make dresses, costumes, quilts, and more with this ruler.

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