Dritz® 60" Tape Measure

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Fiberglass, Metal
5/8 inches
Measures Imperial & Metric Units


Dritz® 60" Tape Measure is a flexible and double-sided ruler that measures both imperial and metric units. Made from fiberglass and metal, Dritz® 60" Tape Measure is shape conforming, 5/8 inches in width, and can measure up to 60 inches on one side, or 152.4 centimeters on the other. This measuring tape is further divided into 1/16 of an inch or single millimeters. Furthermore, Dritz® 60" Tape Measure is bright in color, displays easy-to-read markings, and can be easily stored or carried.

Use Dritz® 60" Tape Measure to accurately measure your next sewing, quilting, or DIY project. Measure both flat and curved objects with this tape measure. Taking body measurements like busts, waists, hips, inseams, and more can all be easily accomplished with a Dritz® 60" Tape Measure.

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