2" Chainette Fringe Trim

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100% Polyester
2 inches
Hand Wash; Hang To Dry
Sold By The Yard


2" Chainette Fringe Trim is a colorful and soft, decorative fringe trim that is used to embellish and prevent fabrics from unraveling. Measuring 2 inches wide, 2" Chainette Fringe Trim is made from 100% polyester fibers. These vibrant fringe trims are available in several colors and are sold by the yard.

Attach 2" Chainette Fringe Trim to give apparel and décors a touch of elegance. Crafting with 2" Chainette Fringe Trim is easy, just sew it, glue it, or use hook and loop. Give apparel like jackets, skirts, boots, and more, a fringe border with this fringe trim. Furthermore, add 2" Chainette Fringe Trim to home decor like pillows, ottomans, and stuffed animals. Shop 2" Chainette Fringe Trim online by the yard at wholesale prices.

Care Instructions

For the best and safest cleaning method, it is recommended to wash this trim by hand. Hang this trim to allow it to air dry.

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