Damask and Jacquard fabrics are elegant, double-sided fabrics, with intricate and detailed patterns woven into the fabric itself. One of the five basic weaving techniques, Damask and Jacquard fabrics originated from China during the 8th century. Damask and Jacquard fabrics feature contrasting patterns, made by weaving glossy yarns into matte-colored yarns. Damask and Jacquard are high-quality fabrics that are manufactured from a variety of fibers including wool, silk, rayon, and polyester.

Damask and Jacquard fabrics can be used for a variety of stylish and luxurious apparel and décor projects. Thick and sturdy, when used for apparel such as bridal gowns, dresses, or jackets, Damask and Jacquard fabrics give off a structured silhouette. Additionally, Damask & Jacquard are stylish fabrics that can be used for gorgeous décor. Great DIY décor projects using Damask and Jacquard fabrics include bedding, table covers, window treatments, upholstery, & SEW much more.
Damask & Jacquard fabrics are available in an abundant number of colors and patterns. Sold at wholesale prices, Damask & Jacquard fabrics are offered by the yard, or in bulk by the roll.

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