DIY Cosplay: Morticia Adams Dress Halloween Edition

DIY Cosplay: Morticia Adams Dress Halloween Edition

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Happy Halloween! well almost! Halloween is closing in on us fast so its time to start thinking about what you will transform into SEW you can be your creepiest self yet! (Get it? hahaha) In this tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how to become one of the most well-known Halloween moms in pop-culture! Morticia Addams!



8 hours




  1. Cut out the sewing pattern following your measurements for the dress.

  2. Taking the front & side front pieces sew the sections together using a zig-zag stitch.

  3. Next, sew the center back pieces and sew from the bottom up leaving a 17" space for the zipper installation.

  4. Attach the front and back of the dress at the shoulders and side seams.

  5. Moving on to sleeves cut out your diamond shapes from the stretch lace.

  6. Pin your diamonds to the sleeve following the placement on the pattern and sew. Once complete turn the sleeves around and cut away the fabric underneath.

  7. Turn the sleeves right side out and pin them together and stitch.

  8. Pin the sleeves to the dress right sides together and sew slowly.

  9. Next, you will install your zipper to the back of the dress.

  10. Cut out webbing with the cotton voile to make the dress sleeve and bottom decorations.

  11. Tack on the webbing by hand sewing the webbing to the sleeves and bottom of the dress

You are now all set!


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