Silk Dupioni (54") Fabric

Silk Dupioni (54") Fabric

Content: 100% Silk
Width: 54"
Weight: 95 GSM, 4oz per linear yard (approx.)
Thickness: 0.26mm (approx.)
Hypoallergenic & Natural


Silk Dupioni fabric is a crisp and luxurious fabric that is known for its slubbed texture and unique appearance. Silk Dupioni fabric is handwoven with 100% all-natural, hypoallergenic silk in a plain weave style using fine threads reeled from raw silk cocoons. This unique process creates the Silk Dupioni fabric's famous and somewhat irregular slubbed texture.

How To Use

Silk Dupioni fabric is lavish, elegant, and will surely attract attention as apparel or décor. Some wonderful applications of Silk Dupioni include, blouses, jackets, pants, bedding, drapery, table linens, quilting, and so much more. Click here, to see a DIY Silk Dupioni fabric flouncy hem dress. 

Care Instructions

Dry Clean Or Handwash (Pre-Wash To Avoid Shrinkage); Avoid Heat. Steam Gently To Remove Wrinkles.

Custom sewing services:

Rod Pocket Curtains for Pipe & Drape

Frequently Asked Questions for Silk Dupioni (54")

What is dupioni silk fabric?

Dupioni silk fabric is a hypoallergenic and crisp fabric that is elegant and chic. Silk Dupioni fabric is woven with 100% natural, differently colored, silk threads which appears iridescent and lustrous. Silk Dupioni fabric is perfect for crafting luxurious apparel and decor.

What is dupioni silk used for?

Dupioni silk fabric is can be used for glamorous apparel and luxurious décor. Some chic Silk Dupioni fabric apparel ideas include, dresses, blouses, and pants. Silk Dupioni fabric can also be used to craft décor such as bedding, table linens, drapery, wall art, and more. Are you interested in seeing a Silk Dupioni fabric dress tutorial? Click here. types of basic sewing stitches for beginners

How to soften dupioni silk?

Dupioni silk can safetly be softened by using a clothes iron or press on damp silk dupioni fabric. First soak Silk Dupioni fabric with room temperature water, and allow the fabric to air dry until lightly damp. Next set your clothes iron or press to a silk or medium heat setting. Finally, cover you Silk Dupioni fabric with a cotton pressing cloth and iron or press until dry. After ironing or pressing damp Silk Dupioni fabric, it will be noticably softer.

What is the difference between silk dupioni and silk taffeta?

While there are many similarities between silk dupioni and silk taffeta, there are also some differences between the two fabrics. Silk Dupioni fabric is woven using a dupioni weave, and has a full, crisp, uneven texture. Silk Taffeta fabric is also crisp, but is woven with an even ribbed weave; thus Silk Taffeta fabric is smoother, thinner, and has a lighter weight.

Silk Dupioni (54")