Keedil Cordless Electric Scissors

Keedil Cordless Electric Scissors

Color: Royal Purple
Battery: 3.6v Lithium Ion (rechargeable)
Set Includes: Scissors, Battery, Charger, (2) Blades

("O" Blade: cuts paper & fabric / "D" Blade: cuts cardboard & metal)

Give your fingers a break and take the work out of cutting. These electric scissors bring speed and efficiency at the push of a button. The electric scissors are equipped with 2 blades; the "O"-Blade for papers & fabric, while the "D"-Blade is used for metal & cardboard. The unique blade configuration makes it possible to cut through fabric, leather, metal, paper and cardboard with ease. We’ve designed these electric scissors with a soft grip handle to maximize comfort and it's compact design makes them light enough to hold and small enough to make those precise cuts.

These heavy duty electric scissors are great for cutting through multiple layers of fabric and can also be used for quilting, sewing, and dress making. With it's rechargeable battery these scissors do the work of multiple cutting tools providing hours of use between charges and allowing you to work more quickly and efficiently.

Keedil Cordless Electric Scissors