Premium Cotton Gauze Fabric

Premium Cotton Gauze Fabric

Content:100% All Natural Cotton
Width: 51" wide
Thickness: 0.34mm
Weight: 4oz per yard (approx.)
Stretch: 10% Vertical
Origin: Imported


Elegant, affordable, and most importantly, lusciously soft. We would like to introduce you to our premium cotton gauze, exclusively manufactured by Fabric Wholesale Direct, based on your requests!

Manufactured with the finest 100% all-natural cotton, this 51-inch wide fabric is imported from India. Each yard of fabric was extensively dyed to achieve vibrant colors that will not fade over time. By using a higher quality yarn with more stitching, we were able to create a magnificent cotton gauze that is luxuriously soft yet more durable. Crafted with a loose open weave, this 4oz cotton gauze is breathable, semi-transparent, drapes well, and allows for a 10% verticle stretch.

How To Use

This premium cotton gauze is very versatile. The very soft, breathable, washable, all-natural cotton is wonderful to use for anything infant-related. Some DIY ideas include slings, swaddles, quilts, or clothing!

There is no age restriction for our premium gauze, it can also be used for adult fashion or around the house. Clothes, scarves, curtains, and trendy medical bandages, are just some of the additional uses for this gorgeous cotton gauze fabric.

Notable Features

  • 100% All Natural Cotton, Hypoallergenic.
  • Soft, Durable, & Breathable.
  • Absorbant & Machine Washable.
  • Drapes & Flows Well.
  • Exclusive & Manufactured By Us.
  • Sold By The Yard & Available In Large Quantities.

Care Instructions

Machine Wash Cold; Hang Dry.

Premium Cotton Gauze