100% Cotton Sheeting (118") Fabric

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100% Cotton Sheeting (118") Fabric

Content: 100% cotton
Width: 118" wide
Weight: 15oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard

Cotton sheeting is a medium weight natural fabric that is 100% cotton and 118" wide. This fabric has a smooth finish, with a soft touch. It also has a natural light drape and stiffness, thanks to its cotton content. This fabric can also be machine washed and dried, but as always we highly recommend washing it in low settings, or handwashing and air drying fabrics in order to retain its quality.

Cotton sheeting fabric is a perfect light and crisp fabric with an incredible drape. This fabric is mostly used to make bed linens like spread sheets, fitted sheets, quilts, pillow covers, and much more.This fabric is also great for curtains, apparel, sheets, and other crafts projects. It has a luxuriously rich feeling. Whether you're using this for pattern making or wall covers, this special cotton fabric will meet all your needs.

    100% Cotton Sheeting (118")