Cotton Polyester Broadcloth (58/60") Fabric

Cotton Polyester Broadcloth (58/60") Fabric

Content: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester
Width: 58/60"
Thickness: 0.16 mm (approx.)

Weight: 110 GSM, 5.3oz per yard (approx.)


Cotton Polyester Broadcloth fabric is a plain woven fabric constructed with the perfect blend of both cotton and polyester fibers. With a composition of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, Cotton Polyester Broadcloth fabric benefits from both fiber's characteristics making this fabric durable, breathable and affordable.

At 60” wide, 0.16mm thick, and weighing 5.3oz per linear yard, Cotton Polyester Broadcloth fabric is perfect for keeping you cool in the heat, and warm in the cold.

How to Use

Formal dress shirts, casual button-down shirts, blouses, and skirts are just some ideas to what can be done with Cotton Polyester Broadcloth fabrics. In addition to apparel, Cotton Polyester Broadcloth fabrics can be used to add some excitement to your home or office décor. Some wonderful projects include bedding, table linens, curtains, and quilting.

Notable Features

• Wrinkle & Static Resistant
• Vibrantly Dyed Colors
• Easy To Clean

Care Instructions

Machine Washable (Pre-Wash To Avoid Shrinkage); Avoid High Heat.

Frequently Asked Questions for Cotton Polyester Broadcloth (58/60")

What is cotton polyester broadcloth used for?

Cotton Polyester Broadcloth can be used for any application whether that be apparel, décor, or anything else. Cotton Polyester Broadcloth is a premium blend of fabric that combines the best qualities of both cotton and polyester: Durability, Breathablility, Affordablility, & Washability.

What is Polyester Cotton broadcloth?

Polyester Cotton Broadcloth fabric is a woven blend of the best qualities of both polyester and cotton fibers. Polyester fibers are known for adding strength, wrinkle resistance, static resistance, and affordabity to a polyester cotton broadcloth blend, while cotton fibers add breathablility and elegance.

How Thick is Cotton Polyester Broadcloth?

Cotton Polyester Broadcloth fabric has a thin to medium thickness, which allows breathability and elegance. Fabric thickness directly correlates to the fibers used and the weave style.

Cotton Polyester Broadcloth (58/60")