Silk Shantung (54") Fabric

Silk Shantung (54") Fabric

Content: 100% Silk
Width: 54"
Thickness: 0.14 mm (approx.)
Weight: 85 GSM, 4oz per linear yard (approx.)


Silk Shantung fabric is a luxurious, double-sided, and lustrous fabric. Woven in a ribbed weave style from 100% silk fibers, Silk Shantung fabric is hypoallergenic and has a crisp, slubbed texture. Silk Shantung fabric weighs approximately 4oz per linear yard, and when draped Silk Shantung fabric has an elegant, graceful flow.

Available in a variety of vibrant colors, Silk Shantung fabric appears two-toned and shines in the light. Exclusively manufactured by Fabric Wholesale Direct, Silk Shantung fabric is offered at wholesale prices, both by the yard, and in bulk by the roll. 

How to Use

Silk Shantung fabric is elegant and a symbol of luxury. Commonly found in women’s formal apparel, Silk Shantung has an eye-catching texture and shine, perfect for wedding gowns, dresses, lingerie, and so much more. Additionally, Silk Shantung can be used for men’s apparel such as dress shirts, vests, pants, and suit jackets.

Care Instructions

Dry Clean.

Frequently Asked Questions for Silk Shantung (54")

What is Silk Shantung?

Silk Shantung fabric is an elegant fabric that has a slightly slubbed texture and crisp feel. A symbol of luxury, Silk Shantung fabric can be commonly found in formal apparel. Examples include, wedding gowns, dresses, lingeries, dress shirts, suits, and so much more.

What is the texture of Silk Shantung?

Silk Shantung is woven in a ribbed weave style, making the fabric slightly textured. After normal wear, Silk Shantung fabric naturally gets softer over time. This process can be sped up, by handwashing Silk Shantung fabric in cold water with fabric softener or vinegar. Dry cleaning Silk Shantung fabric is recommended, hand wash at your own risk.

How do you care for Silk Shantung fabric?

It is recommended to dry clean Silk Shantung fabric. Silk Shantung fabric can be handwashed at your own risk. When handwashing Silk Shantung fabric, use cold water and a mild detergent; additionally, fabric softener can be used to soften Silk Shantung fabric. Hang Silk Shantung fabric to dry. Use extreme caution when handwashing Silk Shantung fabric, wet silk is susceptible to damage and heat may cause shrinkage. We always recommend trying to wash on a small swatch first to observe the potential effects.

Silk Shantung (54")