Sheer Voile (118") Fabric

Sheer Voile (118") Fabric

Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 118" wide

Weight: 45 GSM, 4.8oz per yard (approx.)


Sheer Voile fabric is a lightweight fabric with an elegant sheerness, soft touch and stunning drape. Sheer Voile fabric has an extra wide width of 118" and features clean finished edges, making it ready-to-use for all types of event decorations and upholstery. This voile is one of the most preferred sheer fabrics by our decorators.

When shipped on a roll, Sheer Voile fabric is double-folded on a 60" tube for easy transportation and storage. Sheer Voile fabric is sold at wholesale prices, by the yard or in bulk by the roll!

Sheer Voile fabric is also available in a Sheer Voile - Fire Retardant variation with a certified NFPA 701 certificate. 

How to Use

Sheer Voile fabric is so versatile it can be used for both apparel and décor. As apparel, Sheer Voile fabric is both light and elegant. Some great apparel projects include flowy dresses and blouses, sheer veils, scarves, and linings for garments.

In addition to apparel, Sheer Voile fabric is very popularly used for decor. This fabric can be swagged across a venue for a beautifully full effect or draped from a floor-to-ceiling window to create flowing curtains.

Take advantage of the vibrant colors by layering the fabric to saturate the rich color or let a single layer swag for a subtle sheer tint.

This fabric is one of the most popular choices for event decorators, interior designers, upholsterers, chuppahs, wedding decorators, and more.

Whether you're draping the voile for an elaborate barn wedding or simply using it as a photo backdrop, we're confident you'll love this product.

Do you want to see an example? Click here, to see an awesome Sheer Voile Valance tutorial.

Notable Features

• Slightly Translucent
• Elegantly Flowy
• Extra Wide Width (118")
• Machine Washable

Care Instructions

Machine Washable, Gentle Settings (Pre-Wash To Avoid Shrinkage); Avoid Heat.

Custom sewing services:

Rod Pocket Curtains for Pipe & Drape

Frequently Asked Questions for Sheer Voile (118")

What is Sheer Voile fabric?

Sheer Voile fabric is an airy and lightweight fabric that is soft to the touch. Originating from the french word, 'voile' or 'veil' in English, Sheer Voile fabric is slightly translucent. With elegantly finished edges, Sheer Voile fabric is perfect for both apparel and décor.

What is the difference between sheer and voile curtains?

The difference between sheer and voile curtains are that all voile curtains are sheer, but not all sheer curtains are voile. Voile is a style of weave, while sheer refers to a fabric's translucent properties.

Sheer Voile (118")