Silk Charmeuse (45") Fabric

Silk Charmeuse (45") Fabric

Content: 100% Silk
Width: 44/45"
Weight: 94 GSM, 18 mommes, 3.1oz per linear yard (approx.)
Thickness: 0.14 mm (approx.)


Silk Charmeuse fabric is a luxuriously smooth and lustrous fabric constructed with a satin weave from 100% natural, hypoallergenic silk fibers. Silk Charmeuse fabric has an elegant shiny finish on its front coupled with a matte sheen on its back.

Renowned for its silky soft texture, Silk Charmeuse fabric has a lavish drape and feel. A light to medium weight fabric, our Silk Charmeuse fabric weighs approximately 90 GSM or 18 mommes.

How To Use

Our luxurious Silk Charmeuse fabric is sure to be the centerpiece to any occasion or event. Soft and lustrous, Silk Charmeuse fabric is wonderful to use for any breath-taking apparel such as, gowns, blouses, shirts, pajamas, skirts, shorts, ties and so much more.

Click here, to see a beautiful Halter Swing Dress tutorial made with our luxurious Silk Charmeuse fabric. 

Notable Features

• 100% Hypoallergenic Silk
• Graceful Drape & Flow
• Lustrous Front Side, Matte Back Side
• Smooth, Soft, & Breathable

Care Instructions

Dry Clean Or Handwash (Pre-Wash To Avoid Shrinkage); Avoid Heat.

Custom sewing services:

Rod Pocket Curtains for Pipe & Drape

Frequently Asked Questions for Silk Charmeuse (45")

What is silk charmeuse?

Silk charmeuse fabric is a luxuriously smooth and lustrous (shiny) fabric. Woven with a satin weave, silk charmeuse fabric is a light to medium weight fabric with a soft drape and graceful flow.

How to wash silk charmeuse?

Silk Charmeuse fabric can be hand-washed with cool water and a few drops of mild detergent; hang Silk Charmeuse fabric to dry. Pre-washing Silk Charmeuse fabric is recomended to avoid shrinkage. Click here, to learn about pre-washing fabric. An alternative option to hand-washing silk charmeuse fabric is to have the fabric dry cleaned. how to prewash fabric

What does silk charmeuse feel like?

Silk charmeuse fabric feels very smooth and slick. A light to medium weight fabric, silk charmeuse fabric feels light and airy.

How to sew silk charmeuse?

Silk Charmeuse fabric can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine by any intermediate seamstress or hobbyist. When sewing Silk Charmeuse fabric, it is recommended to use a very fine needle (60/8, 70/10, 80/12) for precise seams and to prevent any accidental holes. To prevent Silk Charmeuse fabric from slipping when sewing, clothespins should be used in place of pins to avoid any damage to the fabric. When sewing two pieces of Silk Charmeuse fabric together, French seams or flat felled seams are recommended; always use a short stitch (2mm or less) to prevent any puckering when sewing Silk Charmeuse fabric. Unfinished edges on Silk Charmeuse fabric can potentially fray; to avoid any fraying, use a serger / merrow / overlock machine, sewing machine, or a fine needle to hem any unfinished edges. Any type of stitch can be used to hem Silk Charmeuse fabric, but for the best results use a zig zag stitch.

How to shrink silk charmeuse?

Silk Charmeuse fabric can potentially shrink when washed. To avoid any shrinkage to completed Silk Charmeuse fabric projects, it is recommended to pre-wash Silk Charmeuse fabric to maximize shrinkage before starting to sew. To achieve maximum shrinkage, first allow Silk Charmeuse fabric to soak in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, allow the Silk Charmeuse fabric to air dry until the fabric is lightly damp. Set a clothes iron to low heat and iron the Silk Charmeuse fabric until completely dry. Now the Silk Charmeuse is ready for sewing and should not experience any further shrinkage when washed.

Silk Charmeuse (45")