Matte Satin (Peau de Soie) Fabric

Matte Satin (Peau de Soie) Fabric

Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 58/60"
Weight: 185 GSM or approx. 9.2oz Per Linear Yard
Thickness: 0.37 (approx.)



Matte Satin fabric, also known as Peau De Soie, is a medium-weight fabric with a smooth satin feel, yet a uniquely matte finish. Matte Satin fabric has a smooth front side, and a slightly textured rear side. Unlike most lustrous satin fabrics, Matte Satin's front side has a muted shine. Additionally, Matte Satin has a stiffer finish, which helps the fabric maintain a more luxurious body. Matte Satin fabric is 100% polyester, wrinkle resistant, and holds its shape extremely well.

How To Use

Matte Satin fabric can be used to make beautiful dresses, gowns, blouses, pants and so much more. Additionally, Matte Satin fabric can be used for chic décor. Some wonderful decor applications for Matte Satin fabric include, bedding, window treatments, table linens, draperies, and decorative pillows. Are you interested in using Matte Satin fabric for your next DIY project? Check out this Matte Satin Slip Dress on our blog for inspiration. 

Care Instructions

Machine Washable & Dryable, Avoid Heat.

Custom sewing services:

Rod Pocket Curtains for Pipe & Drape

Frequently Asked Questions for Matte Satin (Peau de Soie)

What is Matte Satin Fabric

Matt Satin fabric is an elegant, two-sided, medium weight fabric. Woven similarly to peau de soie in a satin style weave, Matte Satin fabric is composed of 100% polyester fibers. Durable and wrinkle resistant, Matte Satin fabric has two sides, a smooth side and a textured side. Matte Satin fabric is minimally lustrous and has a relaxed drape and flow when hung. Available in a variety of bold and vivid colors, Matte Satin fabric is great for apparel and decor applications.

Matte Satin (Peau de Soie)