Crystal Organza Fabric

Crystal Organza Fabric

Content: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 59"/60" Width, 0.14mm Thickness
Weight: 3oz per yard (approx.)


Crystal organza fabric is an affordable, 59/60" sheer fabric that is offered in a variety of vibrant colors. Made from 100% polyester, crystal organza fabric is machine washable and easy to care for. Weighing approximately 3oz per linear yard and measuring 0.14mm thick, crystal organza fabric has a beautiful flowing drape and a soft touch. Crystal organza fabric is infused with sparkly glitter to create an unbe-WEAVE-able shiny look.

How To Use

Elegantly shining in the light, crystal organza's vibrant colors and sparkles really catch the eye. Thin and lightweight, this flowy fabric is wonderful for dresses and gowns. Additionally, spruce up your home decor or event decorations with crystal organza fabric, and add sparkly sheer curtains to your window, or a flowy runner for your table.

Check out our blog here, for a DIY crystal organza puff sleeve dress sewing tutorial.

Notable Features

  • Sheer Fabric Infused With Glitter.
  • Available In A Variety Of Colors.
  • Machine Washable.

Care Instructions

Machine Washable, Avoid High Heat Settings.

Custom sewing services:

Rod Pocket Curtains for Pipe & Drape

Frequently Asked Questions for Crystal Organza

What is crystal organza fabric?

Crystal organza is a glitter infused, plain woven, sheer fabric that can be manufactured from silk or synthetic fibers, such as polyester or nylon.

What is the difference between organza and chiffon?

Crystal organza and chiffon are both plain woven, sheer fabrics. Crystal organza is infused with sparkling glitter, and has a tendency to be stiffer. Chiffon is generally more fluid which may help with draping when using the fabric

How do you wash crystal organza fabric?

Crystal organza is best dry cleaned or hand washed with cold water. Avoid machine drying and allow to hang dry.

How do you sew organza fabric?

Crystal Organza Fabric can be sewn by hand or with any sewing machine. Crystal organza is a delicate fabric, and it is advised to use caution when sewing. It is recommended to us a smaller, size 60-75 sewing needle with regular weight cotton thread. Additionally it is recommended to use a rolling or folded hem, with a straight stitch. For some more inspiration on potential projects, check out our crystal organza DIY puff sleeve dress sewing tutorial.

Crystal Organza