Raschel Lace Fabric

Raschel Lace Fabric

Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 58/60"
Weight: 45 GSM or approx. 2.5oz Per Linear Yard
Thickness: 0.25mm-0.40mm (approx.)



Raschel Lace fabric is an elegant and stylish, sheer lace fabric. Displaying a beautiful floral pattern woven into a mesh ground, Raschel Lace fabric is made with 100% polyester fibers and is wrinkle resistant. Raschel Lace fabric is thin, lightweight, breathable and keeps its shape well. Easily washable and dryable, Raschel Lace fabric is available in a variety of bold and vivid colors.

How To Use

Raschel Lace fabric is sheer and decorative and can be used for a variety of chic apparel and décor applications. As apparel, Raschel Lace fabric can be used for glamorous bridal dresses, gowns, lingerie, and so much more. Additionally, Raschel Lace fabric can be used for many décor purposes including, window treatments, draperies, table accents, and pillows to name a few.

Care Instructions

Machine Washable & Dryable Gently, Avoid Heat.

Frequently Asked Questions for Raschel Lace

What is Raschel Lace?

Raschel Lace fabric is a stylish and elegant sheer lace fabric. Featuring beautiful floral patterns woven into a mesh ground, Rashcel Lace fabric is lightweight and breathable. Made with 100% Polyester fibers, Raschel Lace fabric holds its shape well, and is easily washable and dryable. Raschel Lace fabric can be used to make gorgeous, chic apparel and decor.

Raschel Lace