Corduroy fabric is a durable fabric that features a raised pile texture throughout the entire fabric. First woven in a plain weave style, piles are next woven into the base fabric, then cut to create cords. Corduroy fabric can be made or blended from a variety of fibers such as cotton, wool, and polyester. Displaying a soft raised texture with a visible ribbing called wales, Corduroy fabric is a thick, medium to heavyweight fabric that has a full, stiff drape when hung. 

Use Corduroy fabric to sew a variety of stylish apparel and decors. Create workwear, pants, overalls, jackets, and other garments with Corduroy fabric. Additionally, use Corduroy fabric to upholster or repair furniture, and make pillows, wallets, and handbags. 

Corduroy fabric is sold online at wholesale prices whether by the yard or in bulk by the roll. Shop Corduroy fabric today!

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