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It’s a matter of fact: plain white party tents are boring. Still, many people opt for them because these tents are convenient and easy to maintain. Nevertheless, consider any of these tent decorating ideas for your next party to spruce it up.

Hang Lights

An easy way to spruce up your party tent is with additional lights. These not only help illuminate the event, but they also supply a warm decorative glow. String lights and fairy lights are a couple of common options, but there are other outside-the-box ideas that come to mind, too. Edison bulbs, lanterns, net lights, holiday lights, or even fancy chandeliers can accentuate your festivities.

Use Different Colored Tents

Typically, party tents come in white or cream varieties, but there are many other color options you can choose from. Pops of color can contrast the visuals in any party or special event. It may amaze guests and even reduce the need for further decorations. Consider something that is event appropriate, and think about coloring the beams, poles, or tent folds if you want added color without renting a completely different colored tent.

Dabble in Decorations

As previously mentioned, decorations add life and beauty to any event tent. With limitless options, there are décor options anyone will love. Ivy, floral arrangements, and hanging plants are great for natural or eco-friendly parties. Otherwise, confetti, balloons, and party favors make the tent feel less spacious. Feel free to fasten these decorations on the ground, tack them on the walls, or hang them on the ceiling. Use every available bit of space so that you make the most out of your rental.

Don’t Forget Drapery

Finally, drapery is an amazing tent decorating idea for your next party. Not every tent event is going to be a bachelor party or child’s birthday. Sometimes, you need an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere. Fortunately, drapery helps with this. Any wedding reception, graduation ceremony, or other refined events must have some drapery to provide a cultivated environment. Guests will expect luxurious decorative flair; luckily, the drapery’s folds, swags, ripples, and fabric texture do this.

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