Best Tips for Sewing on a Budget

Best Tips for Sewing on a Budget

There’s nothing wrong with saving money, especially when it comes to hobbies. Here are some helpful ways to create beautiful garments on a budget.

Shopping for anything on a budget is not a bad thing. Unfortunately, it costs money to live and have fun. Rent costs money, groceries cost money, and even doing your favorite activity costs money. Sadly, sewing is no different. With fabrics, supplies, patterns, machines, and other items, someone might feel overwhelmed if they simply wanted to create a new shirt or dress. Still, there are ways to do both. If you’re one of these overwhelmed sewers, read these best tips for sewing on a budget so that you save money while still doing what you love.

Repurpose Old Fabric

Every experienced sewer knows they frequently end up with fabric strips leftover from past projects. While it’s easy to toss these strips into the garbage, save them instead. There are many smaller crafts that you can utilize these fabric strips during, such as making bookmarks, toys, etc. Also, use old curtains or drapes for convenient fabric. Rather than keep these tucked away in your closet, create shirts, dresses, and other garments from them. Do the same with old clothes, too.

Save Buttons and Zippers

Undoubtedly, smaller supplies add up. Buttons, zippers, and other smaller pieces are hard to come by and often get tossed when an older garment no longer fits. However, save these items from the trash when tossing out unwanted apparel. Assuming the buttons and zippers are in good use, you can easily repurpose these for future garments. Whether it’s to replace broken zippers or missing buttons, or you’re creating a jacket from scratch, save yourself the hassle of searching around stores for these needed supplies.

Branch Out To Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

If you need affordable practice clothes, one of the best tips for sewing on a budget is to search garage sales and thrift stores. Going to either (or both) places is a real-life treasure hunt—you don’t know what you’ll find. While you often find old books, toys, electronics, and other unwanted items, these places are also hotspots for clothes. Consider this fabric for craft projects or as practice before investing in higher quality fabrics. Garage sales and thrift stores are also great spots to find cosplay items on a budget. Regardless, take the time to look around; you might find a vintage or never-before-seen garment you can use for your next sewing project.

Buy in Bulk

Still, if you’re uncomfortable buying someone else's clothes, then you can save money by buying fabric in bulk. As with any other art and craft supplies, stocking up on fabrics and sewing supplies saves you from many future trips to the fabric store. Even better, there are plenty of online fabric dealers that carry apparel fabrics for any sewing pattern you find.

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