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DIY Black Velvet Skirt Tutorial with Micro Velvet Fabric

This tutorial is to help you make a long, elegant, and figure-flattering column skirt without needing a pattern! This tutorial does require basic sewing knowledge such as attaching a zipper and waistband. The fabric used is the black Micro Velvet; it is soft and drapes very nicely. It is difficult to photograph black thread on black fabric, so this tutorial will use diagrams. 

The skirt is based on the following measurements:
  • W (the smallest part of your waist)
  • H + 4 (the widest part of your hips plus 4 inches)
  • W + 3 (the smallest part of your waist plus 3 inches)
  • W to H (the distance between the smallest part of your waist and the widest part of your hips)
1. Cut a piece of fabric that is (H+4) wide. For now the length is just the width of the fabric that came on the bolt; you will hem at the end. (I used 44 inch length velvet; if you are very tall you may need a longer length).
2. Cut a piece of lining with the same size as your fabric in step 1.
3. Cut a waistband that is (W+3) long and 5 inches wide. (This will be long enough to have the ends of your waistband overlap, even after you finish the edges).
4. Fold your fabric into a tube and baste the invisible zipper on. Then flip it inside out and use chalk to mark (W) and (W to H) as shown.


5. Use a ruler and chalk to mark a diagonal line connecting the areas you marked, and pin the front and back pieces together along the line.

6. Put the skirt on your dress form (still inside out) or on yourself (if you have a friend to help you with this step). You will pinch the fabric on each side of your hips and adjust the pins to fit the skirt panels to yourself. The straight diagonal line is just a starting point. When the skirt is fitted to your body the pins will be arranged on a curved line.


7. Take the skirt off and sew along the line you pinned. Then trim off the excess fabric, leaving about an extra half inch of fabric along the seam to press flat with an iron. 

8. Use your skirt as a pattern to cut out your lining and sew together in the same manner.
9. Sew the zipper to your fabric and lining. Continue sewing the back seam about halfway down your skirt, leaving a slit on the bottom.
10. Baste the top of the fabric and lining together, then sew the waistband on the outside. Place a piece of interfacing on the the inside of the waistband, and fold over and slip stitch to the inside of the skirt.
11. Add a hook and eye on your waistband where it is hidden by the overlapping part.
12. Hem the bottom of the skirt by hand, folding the fabric inside your skirt and stitching it to the lining carefully to avoid your stitches from showing on the outside. And you're done!

I used 2 yards of black micro velvet and 2 yards of silky habutae lining, as well as an invisible zipper, hook and eye, and waistband interfacing. 2 yards of each fabric will fit most sizes.


This blog post was made by fashionista and dear friend Vivien Lee. Check her out at!

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