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How to Make a Fairy Tale Skirt with Chiffon and Tulle Fabric

This is a tutorial for a pretty romantic fairy tale skirt. It is made of tulle, and has a bubble hem that contains flower petals. The waistband is elastic, which is covered by a chiffon sash. Not only is this skirt easy to make, it is also a budget-friendly project!

I used a total of 6 yards of 54 inch tulle for this project because I wanted a double-layered skirt. If you want a more transparent skirt then 3 yards is enough, and you can ignore step 1.

1. Cut the 6 yards of tulle into two 3 yard pieces, and stack them onto each other. From this point on, treat the 2 layers as if they were one piece of fabric.
2. Bring the ends of the long rectangle together and stitch them together to make a big tube.


3. Fold the tube in half to make a pocket. (You are taking the two bottom "corners" and flipping them up towards the two upper "corners" to make a donut shape).

4. You should now have a closed bottom and open top.  Take apart your fake flowers by removing all the plastic pieces and disassembling the petals. You can keep the flowers intact, but it might be uncomfortable to sit on them. You can use even more flowers, but this is the amount I used:
5. Fill your hem with the flower petals, distributing them evenly on all sides.
6. Stitch the opening of the pocket closed so that the flowers don't fall out. You should now have a closed donut filled with flowers, with a tunnel down the middle that your legs will go through. Gather the top raw edge. You can do this either by using a high tension setting on your sewing machine, and letting it gather it for you, or by using a low tension setting and then pulling the thread tighter yourself. The first way is faster, but the second way gives you more control. The circumference of the top should be bigger than your hips so you can put the skirt on! (Your hips + 10 inches is a good estimate).

7. Make a waistband by cutting a strip of fabric that is several times the width of your elastic, and longer than the circumference of the top of your skirt by 1 inch. (I used a piece that was 48 inches long and 3 inches wide, but the exact length will depend on your hip measurement). Fold and iron the waistband down the length of it as shown in the photo. There should be enough space to fit your elastic inside.

8. Stitch the ends together to make a circular band. Sandwich the waistband over the gathered edge of your tulle skirt, and stitch down, leaving 1 inch open. You will thread your elastic through the opening, stitch the ends of the elastic together, then sew shut the last inch of the waistband.

9. Make yourself a sash by cutting a long piece of chiffon about 2 yards long and 8 inches wide. Fold it lengthwise and sew into tube, then turn it inside out. (I like to use a large safety pin on one end and pull it through the middle to invert the fabric). Iron the sash flat, sew the ends shut, and you have a nice sash that you can tie around your waist to hide the elastic waistband. 2 yards is long enough to tie a cute bow, which can hang down the back, front, or side of your skirt!

All the fabric is from Fabric Wholesale Direct. I found the chiffon to be a good weight and the tulle is soft. You can also get color cards from their site if you want to see the colors before you buy the fabric. I already had the flowers in my stash, but you can buy them inexpensively at a craft or dollar store.

Materials and cost:

79 cents/yard

3 yards chiffon (aqua blue color)

Wow, $11.79 for a skirt! What a bargain!

With 3 yards of chiffon you will have enough left over to make a coordinating underskirt, or a matching top. The finished skirt is about 27 inches long, but Fabric Wholesale Direct also sells a 108 inch tulle if you want a floor-length skirt. This tutorial is also easily adapted to make a shorter, smaller skirt for a child. 

Final Product is here below: 


This project/post was made by fashionista and dear friend Vivien Lee. Check her out at!

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